How to charge

  1. Open the WeVee app and click on Charging. 
  2. You will see the map of the area you are in, and the charging stations near you. Yellow icons are for available chargers, yellow icons with a strike through are for currently occupied chargers, and red icons are for out of order/under maintenance chargers.
  3. The rates and charger type are displayed by tapping the relevant icon.
  4. Select your preferred charger and press Start charging. 
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your cable to the charger and press Charge.
  6. The charging time will appear on the screen.
  7. Follow the on-screen steps to conclude your charging session and disconnect the cable.
  8. Please remove your vehicle once it is charged so the charger is available for the next driver.


To find WeVee enabled charge points simply click on the map and zoom to your preferred location. You will see the WeVee logo icon showing the charging points nearby.
When you are at the charging station, select the charger compatible with your EV (e.g., CCS, CHAdeMo). If in doubt, the charger’s name in the app should match that on the charging point. 
When you are ready to charge, tap the 'Start charging' button and follow the instructions on your phone screen.
You can leave your eV at a charging station until it is fully charged. Please note some providers have pricing that charges you by the minute. This means, even after your car is fully charged, you will have to pay the per minute price. Please remember this before parking your car for a long period of time. Please remove your vehicle once it is charged so the charger is available for the next driver.
Yes, for sure, you can browse the WeVee map, do your grocery shopping, check your emails or play a game - whatever you like.
If you leave the charging screen but remain in the app, you will see a 'currently charging' toolbar at the bottom of the map screen, which will take you back to the charging screen when tapped.
Check if the cable has been properly inserted into the charging point and the car.   Stop the session and start again if the car is still not charging.  If this does not fix it and you think the problem is with the charging station, please call the charger operator directly for a manual reboot. Their number will be on the charger. If the issue appears to be with the app, please contact the call centre directly from the WeVee app.

If your cable is stuck at a charging station, please try the following:

  1. Wait for a short while and then try again.
  2. Try the emergency unlock button in the car, details will be in your car manual in case you are not familiar with where the button is.
  3. Check for an emergency unlock button at the charging station. 
  4. If none of the above work, please call the charge point operator (CPO) - the hotline number is on the charging station.
WeVee does not own or operate charging stations or have remote access to them. Only the CPO can access the station remotely to stop your charging session and manually unlock the cable.

Route Planning

From the map page click on Planning a trip? This will take you the WeVee app route planner. Simply enter your departure point and destination and the map will display all the chargers available along your route. Click on theicon to filter the list displayed and find the charging station that best suits your needs - from free chargers with compatible connectors to rapid chargers with local amenities. 

Payment and billing

V-pay is the quick and easy way to pay for eV charging across Europe, in one tap, through the WeVee app. This means you don’t need charging cards, subscriptions or to choose your payment method each time you charge with the WeVee app.
There are over 280,000 WeVee connected charging stations across Europe, and we are adding new stations daily. You can see where the WeVee charging stations are by clicking on the map in the WeVee app
V-pay is an app-based payment system that uses pre-registered payment methods i.e., direct debit, credit or debit card, apple pay and google pay, to pay for eV charging.
Once registered you no longer need to choose a payment method each time you charge. Simply select your preferred charging station within the app and click to start charging. The total cost will automatically be billed to your preferred method of payment 
When you register for the WeVee app, please add your payment details. These will be stored in a secure environment. Once you have completed the registration you are ready to start paying for charging through the app. Simply choose your preferred charging station and follow the on-screen instructions. The charging rate at that station will be displayed and used to calculate your charging cost. Once your charging is complete your registered payment method will be billed the total amount for the session less any exclusive discounts. Your charging receipt will be stored within your WeVee account, and a copy emailed to you.
The rates on the free WeVee app are provided by the charge point operators, and whenever possible, we add exclusive WeVee discounts. These offers will pop up on your app so be sure to allow notifications when you set it up. You can find up to date pricing for any charging point by clicking on its charger icon on the map.
WeVee Technologies is working hard to make charging super easy for WeVee drivers. From time to time charging rates will change. The rate you see in the WeVee app is live and is the rate you will be charged.
You simply need to register and add your payment details to the WeVee app and then you are ready to pay in one tap with V-pay. You can view your full charging history in the app.
Adding or changing a debit/credit card or bank account details is straightforward: sign into the app, click on the icon in the top right-hand corner, click Account, then Payment details and follow instructions to add or update your payment method.
Each charging receipt is stored within your Account, in Statements. It will also be emailed to you.
WeVee reserves the right to charge a small transaction fee per session in line with the agreement with the charging provider.
There may be a need to update your payment method if you are charging in a non-Euro country. You will see a pop up on the app if this is necessary. Please follow the on-screen instructions. 
For any questions or support on V-pay, please email


Please email us at . We'll deactivate your account and any payment methods stored. Please know there are no subscription fees or recurring charges for the WeVee app, and we only take payment when you charge your car. So, it’s safe to leave your account dormant for a while - then it’s ready for when you need to use the WeVee app again.
For any questions or support, please click on Support within the app, or email

Network Providers and charge point operators

WeVee works closely with global energy networks and Charge Point Operators to provide cross-network payment for WeVee app users. Please contact to add your network or charge points to the app.
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