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Together we’re electric

Welcome to WeVee, the app that makes charging your eV super easy
With the WeVee app you can find charging stations nearest to you, wherever you are, with the facilities most suited to your needs.

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WeVee CarSharing enables corporate vehicles to be shared efficiently amongst employees, increasing the fleet utilisation, and limiting the number of vehicles deployed.

The solution integrates seamlessly into your business systems and processes, streamlining fleet operation activities, including managing vehicle reservations, availability, and reporting. It can be deployed in a wide variety of fleets, including those with electric vehicles. In this case, the solution allows Fleet Managers to manage and monitor the charging procedures and activities performed at authorised charging stations.

Accessible, efficient and safe

WeVee CarSharing is based on Targa Telematics’ digital mobility platform and suite of mobile applications available for Android and iOS devices. Fleet Managers can take advantage of the straightforward implementation and a wide range of data analysis features, enablingand efficient use of resources and reducing the impact of corporate mobility. Employees who use the service can move in a safe and fast way, choosing the vehicle that best suits their mobility needs and relying on an easy, intuitive and immediate user experience.


  • Optimises fleet and vehicle management, delivering increased utilisation and reduced costs
  • Enables a more sustainable fleet, easing the introduction and management of Electric Vehicles, reducing CO2 emissions
  • Simplifies vehicle booking processes and enables 24/7 availability
  • Keyless technology, allowing secure and easy access to authorised vehicles via Smartphone and/or RFID card
  • Reduces expenditure on other modes of transport (e.g. taxis) and offers a safer alternative to public transport
  • Allows automated billing management for personal use of company vehicles, based on time and/or mileage, offering additional employee benefits and further amortising solution costs
  • Professional 24/7 support

Different solutions for every need


This service enables the vehicle booking via web or mobile and setting the pick-up date, time and place.

At the end of the rental, the vehicle is returned to the car park indicated at the time of booking.


The available vehicles may be picked up and returned anywhere within a predetermined area.

This rental mode does not allow for advance booking.

In both cases, the app permits users to unlock the vehicle, use it and, once the trip is over, end the rental.

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